4d bonding scans
pregnant woman

4D Bonding Scans

The 4D scan utilises advanced technology to bring images of life in the womb like never before.

It provides parents, friends and family with an unforgetable experience and allows you to bond with your baby even before birth.

You will be able to watch with joy your baby in 4D motion, see clearly the face, fingers, toes, arms and legs.

You will be amazed at the detail and clarity of these 4D scans, and you will have a unique souvenir of your baby's early life to start your album.

A 4D bonding scan can be done at any time in the pregnancy, however to obtain the really cute images of your baby we suggest the better time to have one done would be between 27 and 32 weeks of pregnancy.

For your convenience, we are open for these scans all day Saturday, but if this is not suitable please ring and we will try to find an alternative time for you.